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Lana Grossa

Wools of all kind

Italian top quality, rich in colour, luxurious - perfect for creative knitting projects.

Online shop for wool from Lana Grossa

Ferner Wolle

Soft, Nature, Knitting

Organic cotton meets soya, soft and silky.

Online shop for woollen fabrics from Ferner

Atelier Zitron

Quality, variety of colours, creativity!

German production, environmentally sensitive, highest Oeko-Tex standard for knitting lovers.

Online shop for wools from Atelier Zitron

Laines du Nord




Beautiful wool of the best quality, direct from Italy!

Online shop for wool from Laines du Nord

Rico Design

Colours, creativity, quality!

Europe's leading brand, passionately creative, colourful and unique yarns.

Online shop for yarns from Rico Design

Rosy Green Wool

Knitting with heart

Organic merino wool, ethical, colorful – for a sustainable, cozy knitting experience.

Online shop for wools from Rosy Green Wool

Lang Yarns

Elegance in yarn

Swiss quality yarns, classic and modern, inspiring knitting patterns.

Online Shop for Wool from Lang Yarns


Innovation, sustainability, uniqueness

Innovative, sustainable yarns for unique, environmentally conscious knitwear creations.

Online shop for wools by Schoppel

Buttons of all kinds

Creativity, form, function!

For buttons please send an enquiry via the contact form!

Selection online shop for various buttons

All kinds of needles

Knitting, precision, comfort!

High-quality knitting needles, precise and comfortable, for creative handicrafts.

Online shop for all kinds of needles
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